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October 9, 2005
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Turn It Around by trabbit Turn It Around by trabbit
6hrs ago I took my pencil and started drawing something spontaneously while listening to 4 Strings - Turn It Around. An hour was spent on drawing, 5 hours on coloring. Just few minutes before I was going to give the finishing touch for the drawing, I semi-accidently added a gradient effect to the image and instantly liked the result - which of course made my 5 hours of coloring totally useless (and I could've been sleeping all that time). However, it captured the mood I wanted pretty well, so I'm satisfied with it. By mistakes you learn... Not me.

Because I had recieved many, many questions (ok, just one [and you know who you are]) about "trabbit" and why I haven't drawn him for a long time, I decided to do some new stuff. This was the first time I drew him in actual scene, and that scene has a small background story. Usually when I listen to some great & moody music I imagine myself being in such place like that trabbit guy... There's nothing else, just me, my music, my imagination and my time to enjoy the world. I just sit there and watch world going n going... But I love it. That's my place where I escape this reality. Just don't ask about the other character.

Winter is coming... First depressive thoughts had come already; that's probably one of the reason why I drew this. You know the drill: art is the second personality of the artist itself.
Drawn with normal 0.5HB pencil on a white paper, scanned, colored in PS. I so hate cleaning up those linearts, so I let it be as it was on the paper... My style.

There's more than you see.
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nice work :)
nice colors gradients. great angle and perspective there.
neurotic-elf Oct 17, 2005  Professional General Artist

mistakes happen for a reason..(??)

hail winter !! :giggle:
cheese-cube Oct 13, 2005
Love your style. I want to see more work like this.
Excellent man. That character on the bottom is cool, especially with the headphones. Also great colors, perfect I might say for them.
ohhoh,hyvä tyyli,perspektiivi ja jättää mielikuvitukselle työtä..tappavan hyvä yhdistelmä ;)

ooh..onko pikku trabbitille löytyny toinen puolisko?
I really like how you left the sketch lines, those give it a really nice touch, somehow like an old movie, but it adds some drama too. You know, this kind of pics make me want to have my bed next to the window, I used to have it that way, but I got colds really often, anyway, the point is that, it feels good to listen music in your bed, all alone in your room, at night, just watching outside, having thousand of thougths, that maybe you aren't really paying attention to...

btw, who is her?- Great job as always :heart:
(By something, I meant art of your adorable character. xD)

I can't believe I got the first comment. x_x
OMFG You actually submit something!! xDDD Tis amazing. ;P It's very beautiful, I love the coloring and shading!
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